Maximize your potential with our advanced care for sports
and activity related injuries


Srujana Hospitals Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy provides dedicated and specialized medical care and rehabilitation treatment for a wide range of injuries and conditions related to sports and intense physical activities. An injury can happen at any time either due to poor posture/ form or repetitive action. It is not surprising for a sportsperson to wake up to a flare of an old injury. Healing, resting and total recovery from a sports injury demands best and the most advanced medical care available. Driven by the top sports medicine doctors & expert surgical team in Hyderabad, Srujana Hospitals is the center of excellence for of Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy.

The capabilities of the Srujana Hospitals include diagnostic imaging, arthroscopic procedures, minimally invasive corrective surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, & regenerative medicine. The comprehensive team of surgeons, specialists, trainers and therapists who are on top of their game work together to return yours on the forefront. Over the years Srujana Hospitals has treated many professional and elite athletes and sportspersons with the full range of clinical options and latest technologies available. Thus, Srujana Hospitals Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy is considered to be one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad.

Doctors believe that sports injury can not only bring the individual’s performance down, but it can affect the entire team. Every sportsperson is different and every injury is a new challenge. The team is specialized in surgical and non-surgical treatment for a wide range of injuries arise from sports such as cricket, tennis, football, swimming, badminton etc. Srujana Hospitals Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine brings together the experts; physiotherapists, athletic trainers, physicians, and sports medicine specialists to provide the best possible medical care and treatment to ensure sports speedy recovery.

Advanced treatment options for sports injury and affordable surgical cost in India

Srujana Hospitals Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy is one of the best Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Hospital in Hyderabad offering the best arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine and care for all sports injuries and joint problems. The Hospital boasts of world’s best arthroscopic surgeons in Hyderabad with wide-ranging expertise in arthroscopy and sports medicine which has helped to be one among the top sports medicine hospitals in India.

Srujana Hospitals is best-in-class orthopedic surgeons & arthroscopic surgeons with specialization in modern surgical treatments & technologies, and a well-experienced physiotherapist with expertise in treating muscle injuries. The team of best doctors has been from top institutions in India delivering better results. The department is well equipped with all the machines with international standards for diagnosis injury and also a treatment for it.

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