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General Surgery

The General Surgery department at Srujana Hospital, Quthbullapur is headed by renowned surgeons with extensive experience.

Surgeries performed
  • Neck and Thyroid surgeries including total thyroidectomy, block dissection of lymph nodes
  • Surgery for male and female breast diseases a. Cysts and benign tumours (Fibroadenoma) of breast

1. Infective lesions – breast abscess and tuberculosis of breast
2. Cancer breast – mastectomy by various methods

Abdominal Hernias
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Inguinal hernia
  • An incisional hernia (a hernia developing as complication of previous abdominal surgeries)
Tumours of testes / Hydrocele/ Haemorrhoids (piles)/ fissure in anus / fistula in anus / pilonidal cyst
The Department of General Surgery provides proactive management of the following diabetic foot diseases and peripheral artery diseases:

1. Diabetic gangrene foot
2. Extensive, time-consuming treatment of diabetic infection of foot plus skin grafting
3. Amputation of foot and lower limbs for failed treatment cases of diabetic gangrene
4. Rehabilitation of amputee patients along with expert rehabilitation physiotherapy team
5. The team believes in healthcare with compassion and makes it a point to interact with patients and build confidence in them personally.

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